The safest choice

Intrinsically safe high speed roll up doors without rigid elements in the door curtain
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Wind Resistant

Extreme efficiency

When dislodged, the flexible door curtain reinserts itself after an opening cycle.
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Burglar proof

Maximum protection

The aluminum DYNACO RIGID roll up door combines high speed with maximum protection.
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Public Transport




Cold Storage

Latest news

  • Entrematic will be present at the R+T trade show in Stuttgart from the 24th till the 28th of February 2015. Visit us at our booth 6B11 and discover all the benefits that DYNACO high performance doors offer for your company.

  • Entrematic HPD welcomed two new colleagues

    Bert reinforced our team of Customer Services Technical Specialists, mainly to support our German speaking distributors. Filip is employed as Installations Coordinator, responsible for follow-up of DYNACO doors that are installed in Belgium through subcontractors.

  • First D400 roll up door installed in US

    Early December, DYNACO USA installed the first D-411 (interior model) and D-421 (exterior model) roll up door at a company called Holbrook Manufacturing in Wheeling, IL. Holbrook is a well known manufacturer of threaded fasteners (such as screws).

  • We made some changes to our range of small remote controls, options codes G41/G42 and G44. G42 has disappeared and only a 4-channels emitter remains be available.

  • DYNACO has added a new type of vision banners 400mm. In addition to the transparent banner, and the mosquito net banner, you can now order a ‘translucid’ banner.
    The insulating curtain is now available in the 8 standard DYNACO colours.

  • A new amplifier is available as option G84. This option is an addition to the wireless and battery-less pull switches and push buttons (options G80/G81/G82/G83).

  • Entrematic Belgium launches its new website in order to inform you even better about the features and benefits of DYNACO High Performance doors.

  • An important change has occurred in DYNACO’s M2 zippers in stainless steel. We are now using special screws, protected against rust through a different technique.

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