Dynaco Europe NV High Performance Doors

DYNACO High Performance Doors

Dynaco Europe NV is your complete business partner in entrance automation. We offer you our well-known European brands, DYNACO, Normstahl, EM and Ditec, and our US brands Amarr, Serco and Kelley.


Dynaco Europe NV designs, manufactures and installs entrance automation solutions through a network of highly dedicated and well trained distributors and installers in some 80 countries worldwide. Our goal is to make our customers’ business as successful and profitable as possible.

Each product brand of the Dynaco Europe NV adds its own specialty and expertise to our extensive product portfolio. This makes Dynaco Europe NV a powerful partner present in some 25 countries with about 2,800 employees.

Our products range from industrial doors and docking, to residential garage doors, high speed roll up doors, warehouse solutions, pedestrian door automation and gate automation, covering every need in industry. We provide innovative products, technical expertise and the complementing portfolios of our specialist brands.

Within the Dynaco Europe NV, the flexible and rigid high speed roll up doors highlighted in this website, are branded under the name DYNACO High Performance Doors. Dynaco Europe NV’s expertise and passion give our customers a competitive edge.