New: option air curtain on Dynaco high speed doors

18 March 2016
New: option air curtain on Dynaco high speed doors

Customers in the deep freeze industry are ever more exigent in terms of requirements for their freezer doors. Icing on the door curtain has become unacceptable for most customers.

To meet these new expectations, Entrematic Belgium has developed a new option for the Dynaco M2 Freezer high speed doors. If used correctly, this "air curtain" will prevent icing on the door curtain.


  • Increased safety: the air curtain avoids icing on curtain that could fall on the floor and cause incidents.
  • Less maintenance: as icing is avoided, there is no more need to remove ice from the floor on a daily basis.
  • Longer lifetime: the absence of icing reduces the risk of wear on the curtain and the side guides.
  • Improved aesthetics: a door without icing looks better and more reliable.


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