Comply with safety regulations

The DYNACO D-313 EMERGENCY roll up door is the slimmest high speed roll up door in the market with an integrated emergency exit.  It offers the benefits of a fast action door and allows an easy escape in case of emergency.

The flexible PVC door curtain of the DYNACO D-313 EMERGENCY door has an ingenious T-shaped cut in the middle. When a person pushes on the indicated release spots the curtain splits into two symmetric flaps and the emergency exit opens.


The slimmest high speed door in the market

The DYNACO D-313 high speed roll up door with compact dimensions and an aesthetic design fits in places where space is limited. Even in a showroom or shop.

Its motor is incorporated in the drum and hidden behind black shells. Combined with drum and side guide covers in aluminum color or a color of your choice, this results into a stunning appearance.


Gain valuable time

Improve your logistics and public areas, warehouse transport and material handling with a DYNACO D-311 high speed roll up door for interior use. Its fast door cycle helps you to gain valuable time in your daily business activities.

Significant energy savings, a better climate control and improved employee comfort result from the superior seal of this high speed door. Dust, dirt, humidity and draught are excluded from your working areas.


Save energy

The DYNACO D-311 CLEANROOM flexible high speed roll up door is ideal to seal off cleanrooms. It keeps pressure levels stable, contaminants out and limits air consumption.

You can build airlocks with this high speed door and keep your cleanroom in over- or under-pressure. The flexible PVC door curtain is pressure resistant. The superior and tight seal keeps clean air in and contaminated air out, resulting in significant energy savings.


Optimize your cleanroom operation

Thanks to its specific design the DYNACO D-313 CLEANROOM is the slimmest high speed cleanroom roll up door in the market. Designed for inside use it requires limited space and is ideal for interlocks.

The superior and tight seal of this cleanroom roll up door keeps contaminants out ,  prevents leak flow, minimizes air loss and maintains pressure levels. This enables energy savings and optimizes the operation of your cleanroom.