Wind resistant high performance doors

Wind resistant

Wind resistant high speed roll up doorsAll-weather high speed roll-up doors

If your industrial building or hangar is often exposed to strong winds, it is time to install DYNACO wind resistant high performance doors. Depending on the type and the dimensions of the exterior door, their classification for wind resistance varies from class 2 to 5, according to the European standard EN 12424.

A superior seal around the full perimeter of the high speed door, reinforced side guides made of high-grade folded steel and the strong flexible PVC door curtain provide added resistance to extreme wind pressure.

Push-pull technology

Advanced push-pull technology is used to drive our high speed doors for outside use. The door curtain is pushed down in order to close the door. No ballast is needed.

Even under the strongest headwind our doors remain fully operational. Inbound and outbound traffic can continue without interruptions. Smooth flows of materials, goods and personnel are guaranteed.

Large dimensions

Certain company activities require bulky goods to be transported in or out of your building. Large machines for instance, truckloads of raw materials or finished goods, semi-finished products etc. Specifically for those needs, DYNACO high performance outside doors are available in large dimensions.  Regardless of their size, these high speed-roll up doors resist strong wind and bad weather conditions.