Code Compliant Egress for High Performance Doors

Emergency Egress so easy a child could open it.
Requires less than 30 lbs. of force to open
Safety is the Priority
For interior rooms that are sealed with Dynaco M2-Power, D-501, D-311 Slimline and D-313 Streamline doors, a manual egress option is offered. With this option, the Dynaco high performance door can serve as a means of egress as defined by the International Building Code. Even with this option, the Dynaco door remains durable enough to withstand industrial applications, yet easy enough for a child to use.
The Emergency Egress option provides a true means of Egress as stipulated by the International Building Code.
  • Panic safe use
    The user does not require special training, tools or prior knowledge to use the door.
  • Push opening
    The door is side hinged and opens in the direction of egress. No upward or horizontal sliding action with potential for failure or reliance on complicated counterweight and pulley systems.
  • Low operating force
    The egress option requires less than 30 lbs. of force to fully open the door.
  • Hazard free movement
    There are no thresholds or trip hazards to impede human movement; and the door requires a minimal amount of force to open.
  • Integrated control system
    Special controls will need to be built into the control box. These controls work with the egress sensor to stop the door when egress is opened.


For details on specific code compliance, see the brochure. Or Contact Us if you have any questions.