First Dynaco S-631 Rigid door installed in Belgium

19 February 2016
Dynaco S-631 Rigid high speed door

Recently, the first Dynaco S-631 Rigid high speed door was installed at our customer MOSACIER, a division of Arcelor Mittal.

The customer needed a high speed door for the storage zone, where 30-ton steel coils are stored. The speed was very important, given the large number of trucks passing on a daily basis. Also, temperature needed to be kept at a constant level of 12°C, in order to avoid condensation on the coils. As the customer was very satisfied with the existing flexible high speed Dynaco doors, a new Dynaco door seemed quite logic. Yet the location was a problem: there wasn’t sufficient head room to install the door inside, and installing it outside would have altered the facade.

The Dynaco S-631 Rigid brought the solution. Its operating speed met the requirements of traffic and temperature. At the same time, the rigid door curtain eliminated the need of installing 2 doors. That made the investment worthwhile.

The customer is very satisfied with the result and notes that the quality of the Dynaco S-631 Rigid is quite superior to that of a standard sectional door.