Seal of rooms and spaces with a flexible high speed interior roll up door

Flexible high speed roll up door for interior use
A high speed roll up door with a flexible and printable door curtain
mprove customer convenience with a high speed door
High speed door motor with optional covers
Reintroduction block for the self-reinserting door curtain of the high speed door

Flexible interior high speed roll up door

Designed for interior use, a DYNACO D-310 flexible high speed roll up door is suitable to seal off rooms and spaces inside your building, such as a storage facility, maintenance area or showroom.

Its fast cycle ensures a smooth flow of people and goods. The slim design of this high speed interior roll up door allows it to be installed in areas where space is limited. The flexible PVC door curtain can be printed with large pictures of your products.

Requires little maintenance

Designed as entry level solution for applications targeting 25.000 cycles per year, these flexible roll up doors require little maintenance. They are equipped with low friction side guides, a self-reinserting door curtain and contain very few wearing parts.

The tight seal around the full perimeter of the interior roll up door keeps draught, humidity, dust and dirt outside. The high speed door protects your machinery, stock and products and improves comfort for your staff and customers. Significant energy savings can be achieved.