High speed roll up doors with superior seal

Maximum tightness

Superior seal around the full perimeter of the high speed doorLimit air exchange

DYNACO high performance doors have a superior seal around the full perimeter of the door. Combined with a fast door cycle, this tight seal strongly limits air exchange from one area to another within your premises. Conditioned air is kept inside your building and extreme outside temperatures are kept out.

A better climate control becomes possible. Keeping temperatures inside your building well controlled can be vital to your production process or stored products. Some areas need to be cooled, others require to be heated. Sometimes humid, dry or purified air is necessary for some activities.

Keep out contaminants

A second benefit of the tight seal and the high opening and closing speed of DYNACO high performance doors is that they keep out contaminants from areas where hygiene is important. Think about a cleanroom for instance, or a food processing area. The chances that dust, dirt or vermin can get into those sensitive areas are strongly reduced. The time a DYNACO high speed door remains open is strictly limited. Once closed, the seal prevents sources of contamination to get in.

Save energy

Reduction of air exchange and a better climate control, automatically result into energy savings. Thanks to the fast door cycle a DYNACO high speed door only remains open a very short while. This limits the amount of air that can transfer from one area to another while opening the door.

Temperatures within your building remain more stable, providing an increased employee comfort and saving lots of energy. Lower energy consumption is undoubtedly one of the most important results of our tightly sealed high performance doors.