DYNACO industrial high speed roll up doors

Close your industrial building with an exterior high speed door
DYNACO exterior roll up doors for industrial buildings
Large exterior high speed doors for the industry
Reliable and safe industrial high speed roll up doors
Seal off every building with an industrial high speed door
Explosion safe and wind resistant high speed door
High speed exterior door for explosion sensitive environments
High speed interior door for explosion sensitive environments
Large exterior high speed roll up door
Medium-sized high speed roll up door for outside use
Wind resistant high speed door for the industry
A rolling door that remains operational even under extreme weather conditions
Large sized high speed door for inside use

Help to optimize production activities

No matter what products you manufacture DYNACO high speed roll up doors help you to optimize your daily production and business activities.

High speed doors enable smooth traffic flows of raw materials, supplies, machinery, equipment and finished goods. Designed for intensive use, you can rely on our fast action doors 24/7.

Energy and cost efficient

Available in large, medium and smaller sizes, high speed doors can be used as exterior or interior doors. They seal off your factory from the outside or separate specific sections within your building from each other.

DYNACO high speed roll up doors protect your premises and infrastructure against wind, rain, dirt, dust and extreme temperatures. They operate in an energy and cost efficient way and are safe for your staff, machinery and goods.


Our Benefits

  • Optimized production flow
    High opening and closing speed
  • Avoid production down-time
    Self-reinserting door curtain
  • Reduced cost of ownership
    Wear and maintenance are limited to a minimum
  • Safe for personnel and equipment
    Flexible curtain without rigid elements avoids injuries and damages
  • Protects against bad weather
    Superior seal around the full perimeter of the door
  • Reliable and wind resistant
    Designed to operate 24h/7 in extreme conditions and violent winds