Enable intensive traffic with this large exterior high speed roll up door

Large exterior high speed roll up door
High speed roll up door for intensive outside use
Flexible door curtain without rigid elements makes the roll up door absolutely safe
Roll up door with Innovative push-pull drive technology
Superior and tight seal around the full perimeter of the roll up door
Roll up door with side reinforcements for increased wind resistance
DYNACO M3 POWER high speed door at a hospital emergency service
Fast exit and entrance for ambulances with DYNACO high speed doors
Large exterior DYNACO roll up door
DYNACO exterior high speed door
DYNACO M3 Power high speed door with metal protection
Exterior high speed doors with yellow door curtain

Large exterior industrial roll up door

With dimensions up to 9 m wide and 5,5 m high the DYNACO M3 POWER high speed door is a perfect large sized high speed door for outside use. It is wind resistant up to class 3 according to the European standard EN 12424.

Its superior tight seal and fast door cycle allow for significant energy savings. Wind and bad weather are excluded from your building, keeping your infrastructure and goods well protected.

Intended for intensive use and fast traffic

Intended for intensive use, the DYNACO M3 Power high speed roll up door allows intensive inbound and outbound traffic in your industrial building, warehouse or hangar.  This helps to optimize material handling, traffic flows and transport activities.

With a curtain free of rigid elements, the DYNACO M3 POWER roll up door is safe for your staff and equipment. When accidentally dislodged, the door curtain reinserts itself into the side guides after an open and close cycle. This avoids production down-time.