1000 Dynaco doors with Dynalogic5 controller

6 December 2019
Dynalogic 5 control box

Since its launch in 2017, already 1000 Dynalogic5 controllers have been installed in Europe. The many advantages of this high-tech controller meets the requirements of our most demanding customers.

Not only does the Dynalogic5 continuously monitor the operation of the door, it also anticipates when preventive maintenance is due. A detailed history of the use of the door also allows for a precise root cause analysis in case of malfunctioning.

Last but not least, the Dynalogic5 controller facilitates the communication with and between doors in large and complex installations, eg. in cleanroom or logistics environments.

In short: equipped with the Dynalogic5, your High Performance Dynaco door is ready for the future. Contact our sales team to discover the other functionalities and the tangible advantages it brings to your daily operation: info.dynaco.eu@entrematic.com