Dynaco doors: investments that last…

17 March 2020
Dynaco door 1998

Yet another illustration of the fact that Dynaco doors pay back themselves!

This Dynaco Supercompact door was installed in Austria way back in 1998… The model has long been replaced by more modern alternatives and new technologies, yet the product itself is still operating and in perfect condition!

Think of how many times this door has opened and closed ever since. How much energy the customer has saved thanks to the short open time. How many accidents he avoided thanks to the lightweight and flexible curtain. How much time he saved in production thanks to the high opening speed.

Keep this in mind next time you consider buying a high-speed door! Do you opt for a cheap product that will only last a couple of years? Or do you invest in the Dynaco solution, knowing it will still be active some 20 years from now…