Entrematic successfully finalizes major project in food processing

19 February 2017
Entrematic successfully finalizes major project in food processing

End of January, Vlevico, a division of the major Belgian retailer Colruyt Group, opened a brand new building for its meat processing division. Entrematic Belgium contributed to this highly advanced project by supplying 143 Dynaco High Speed Doors.

The existing building was no longer sufficient to process the enormous amount of goods, nor did it meet the increasingly high standards that were required by the FAVV, the Belgian Federal Agency for Safety in Food production. Vlevico therefor decided to construct a new building, with a 10.000m² surface. The building is a pilot project in Belgium in terms of food processing standards and regulations, which largely exceed the official standards imposed by the government. The project is an important reference for Entrematic, having supplied 143 high performance Dynaco doors, all with complete stainless steel structure. The customer has expressed his satisfaction over the cooperation with Entrematic and already made engagements for future projects.

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