30 September 2019
Vacancy Purchase Leader

Basic objective        

The Purchase & Procurement Leader handles all processes involved in the Entrematic Belgium Purchase & Procurement department; he/she is responsible to maintain and efficient supplier and subcontractors network.

This includes acquiring goods and materials within budget, facilitating communication between Entrematic and its suppliers and its subcontractors. The function also involves inbound transportation, stock control, warehousing, and ensuring structures are in place to monitor the flow of goods and materials.

The ultimate goal is to assure availability at the right quality and costs, while managing the risks in the Supply Chain.

Key Responsibilities

  • Developing and managing sourcing strategies from beginning to end (including make-or-buy decisions)
  • Negotiating pricing, terms and conditions of sales, warranties of goods and products with key suppliers and subcontractors
  • Monitoring the performance of suppliers and subcontractors to ensure quality and service
  • Coordinate the purchasing team
  • Monitoring and analyzing trends in spending and inventory control in order to make recommendations for the future and to identify areas for possible savings
  • Developing, establishing, implementing and enforcing supplier and subcontractor guidelines and obligations
  • Analyzing data to monitor performance and plan improvements in delivery performance
  • Analyzing logistical problems and producing new solutions
  • Management of the MRP-system (EOQ, re-order point, lead times, MTPT, Safety stock, …) and making recommendation for further improvements and optimizations
  • Developing and implementing Procurement policies and procedures
  • Analyzing trends and market conditions for the present and future pricing, availability, lead-time and capacity of goods and services
  • Interview, identify and qualify potential new vendors or suppliers in order to secure more cost-effective sources of products and services
  • Developing and delivering purchasing and inventory reports ( managing MTPT)
  • Coordinate Procurement activities for Special Production orders.
  • Coordinate the Procurement activities in the framework of the Continuous Product Improvement process and New Product Introduction process.
  • Follow up and controlling the high-level production planning and associated storage and transportation of goods
  • Support the negotiating process of important contracts ( transport , sub-contracting … )
  • Manage the daily risks on short and long term, install processes to reduce breakdowns


Purchase & Procurement Leader is accountable to the Supply Chain Manager and maintains relationships with various other internal departments (research and development, Production, customer service, Logistics and sales). The Job holder is the reference contact person for suppliers and subcontractors.

Key Competencies

  • Higher education or equivalent by experience, preferably with a technical background
  • More than 5 year experience in purchasing
  • Knowledge of relevant computer applications (MRP-systems, MS Office)
  • Administrative skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills - verbal and written
  • Listening skills
  • Problem analysis and problem-solving
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Good time & Priority management skills
  • Adaptability
  • Initiative
  • Stress tolerance
  • Fluent in English and Dutch.
  • French/German: Nice to have