New options on DYNACO door curtains

9 January 2015

Translucid banner

DYNACO has added a new type of vision banners 400mm. In addition to the transparent banner, and the mosquito net banner, you can now order a ‘translucid’ banner. This type of banner is available under option is Fe17.

A translucid banner allows to see silhouettes, without giving full visibility. This can be useful in certain circumstances, eg. to separate a public store from a storage area.

Extra colours insulating curtain

The insulating curtain is now available in the 8 standard DYNACO colours.
In addition to yellow, blue, grey and red, 4 more colours have been added : GREEN, WHITE, ORANGE, BLACK.

This fulfills a lot of recent requests. You can now offer DYNACO doors with an insulating curtain that perfectly blends in the interior.