POWTECH 2019 - Highlights

24 April 2019
Dynaco booth at Powtech

From April 9 to 11, Dynaco was present at Powtech. 

The Powtech exhibition was a true success with more than 14200 visitors and 824 exhibitors from 35 countries. At the dynaco booth, people discovered our D-313 Cleanroom and our latest innovation, the Atex certified door.

The Dynaco S-5 Atex high speed door is specifically designed for use in explosion sensitive environments, zone 2, 22 or zone 1, 21. The S-5 Atex high speed roll-up door is approved by Apragaz, an official inspection authority for equipment used in explosion sensitive atmospheres.

All metal parts of the high speed door are manufactured in stainless steel. All non-metallic parts are composed of antistatic or electrical conductive materials. These characteristics avoid the build-up of static electricity that could generate sparks.

Thanks to its specific design, the DYNACO D-313 CLEANROOM is the slimmest high speed cleanroom roll-up door in the market. Designed for inside use, it requires limited space and is ideal for interlocks.

The superior and tight seal of this cleanroom roll up door keeps contaminants out, prevents leak flow, minimizes air loss and maintains pressure levels. This enables energy savings and optimizes the operation of your cleanroom.

We hope to see everyone again at Powtech 2020!