Successful cooperation between SSI-Schäfer and Dynaco and its partner

8 December 2021
D-311 at Südzucker Gruppe

SSI Schäfer is one of the world’s leading solution providers of modular storage and logistics systems in the intralogistics sector, based in Neunkirchen in the Siegen-Wittgenstein district. It is part of the Schäfer Group, which was founded in 1937 by Fritz Schäfer as “Fritz Schäfer – factory production of sheet metal goods of all kinds” in Burbach.

For a project at a division of the Südzucker Gruppe, SSI Schäfer needed to integrate and install High-Performance Doors in the field of conveyor technology (separate and continuous roller conveyor) with minimal space requirement in the ceiling and wall area. They needed to integrate the high-speed doors and control system into the interface of the conveyor system, the fire protection sliding door in the fire compartment and the on-site fire alarm system.

SSI Schäfer opted for the innovative Dynaco D-311 High-Speed Doors and the new Dynalogic 5 controller because of the minimal design and small space requirement of these doors and the easy integration, connection and Dynalogic 5-control into the interface of the conveyor technology control, emergency power supply and fire alarm system with the required signal exchange.