Extremely efficient high speed roll-up doors


High speed roll up doors with a self-reinserting door curtainLimit maintenance

DYNACO high performance doors are equipped with a self-reinserting flexible PVC door curtain.

Should the door curtain accidently get dislodged due to the collision with a person or vehicle, no worries. Just open and close the high speed door and the door curtain will automatically reinsert itself into the side guides.

The simple yet ingenious reinsertion mechanism will make sure your high speed roll-up door is up and running again in seconds.

Your material flows and business activities can be resumed in no time.

Save time

No matter what safety measure you take, accidents can happen when traffic is intense between different areas in your company. Forklifts and trucks going back and forth with supplies, finished goods and equipment, for instance. When a vehicle hits and disables an interior or exterior DYNACO door, serious production down-time will be avoided thanks to the self-reinserting curtain.

Thanks to the self-reinsertion mechanism of our doors, no technical intervention is needed. This strongly helps to limit maintenance costs and to save valuable time.