Entrematic goes BIM with DYNACO doors

14 January 2016
Entrematic goes BIM with DYNACO high speed doors

All Dynaco products are now available for architects on the BIM platform. BIM Objects are digital representations of our products in 2 or 3D, cloud based and accessible through www.bimobject.com.

They allow architects and building engineers to download products with all extra information and process them with special software applications like ArchiCad or Revit.

Architects from all over the world will now be able to select any Dynaco door and integrate it into the digital design of their project, complete with options like vision panels, covers etc.

That way, the customer gets a clear view of the door as it will look like in his building, and engineers can easily calculate requirements as built-in space.

As images say more than a 1000 words: have a look at enclosed video, which clearly shows how BIM works…