DYNACO high speed roll up doors for the food industry

Fast cycle and tight seal of the roll up door enable better climate control
Tight seal and fast cycle of the roll up door help to prevent contaminations
Respect hygiene requirements with an easy to clean door curtain
Respect the cold chain and keep stable temperatures with a roll up door
High speed roll up door for the food processing industry
High speed roll up door for the food industry
DYNACO high speed doors used in the food industry
DYNACO D-313 high speed door used in the food industry


Respect hygiene requirements

Production efficiency, processing speed, hygiene and respect for the cold chain are crucial in every food processing environment. DYNACO high speed doors help to meet those requirements.

The smooth and even textured flexible PVC door curtain of a high speed door is easy to clean. The roll up door can be installed with a stainless steel structure and side posts. Impurities cannot accumulate and an optimal hygiene becomes possible.

Respect the cold chain

High speed roll up doors open and close very fast. The time a door remains open is limited to a minimum. This avoids temperature fluctuations in your cold chain areas, protecting food quality.

A superior seal around the full perimeter of the high speed door keeps draughts, dust, dirt and insects out of your storage and processing areas. It helps to avoid contaminations.

Our Benefits

  • Respect hygiene requirements
    Door curtain is easy to clean and can be combined with a stainless steel structure
  • Avoid contamination
    Short door cycle and a tight seal keep out dust, dirt and vermin
  • Save energy
    Stable temperatures thanks to high opening and closing speed and superior seal
  • Increase production efficiency
    Optimized production flow and respect of the cold chain
  • Avoid down-time
    Self-reinserting door curtain
  • Reduced cost of ownership
    Wear and maintenance are limited to a minimum
  • Safe for personnel and equipment
    Flexible curtain without rigid elements avoids injuries and damages