7 June 2021
Dynaco Atex doors at PRENNE #58

A few weeks ago, Dynaco had the opportunity to present the advantages of Dynaco S-5 Atex-doors at PRENNE #58, a training program for professionals organized by Prebes. Prebes is a Belgian knowledge centre that provides training and networking events for people that are active in prevention, welfare, health or environment.

At the PRENNE #58 event, our Atex-specialist Yves Degroote was asked to answer questions as how to go about when you have to install an electrically operated door in an Atex-environment and what does a prevention advisor need to look at to be able to give appropriate advice. Yves explained the process of placing an Atex-compliant door in a practical way and shared some basic knowlegde about Atex.

Due to the Covid-measures in place at the time, it was not possible to organize this event with a real audience. Therefore, Yves’ presentation was recorded in a professional tv-studio. A high-tech solution for a high-tech door!