First D400 roll up door installed in US

9 February 2015
First D400 roll up door installed in US

Early December, Entrematic installed the first DYNACO D-411 (interior model) and DYNACO D-421 (exterior model) roll up door at a company called Holbrook Manufacturing in Wheeling, IL. Holbrook is a well-known manufacturer of threaded fasteners (such as screws).

The high speed doors are installed in a loading dock area which has one very large exterior sectional door at the outside and had no doors of any kind in the area where the dock levelers are. The loading bay is short so when trucks arrived to be loaded and unloaded the exterior sectional door had to remain open because the front of the truck protrudes beyond the sectional door. Thus, without doors by the dock levelers, the warehouse area was open to the outside environment when trucks were being loaded and unloaded. In winter, this makes it very cold for the warehouse employees and the company’s warehouse heaters would run all the time but never bring the warehouse up to a comfortable temperature.

Holbrook had one large opening that was 6550mm wide x 3050mm tall. Entrematic installed two DYNACO roll up doors with foreframes, thus changing what was one opening into two high speed doors. The doors were 3275mm x 3050mm. Entrematic also installed activations on both sides of each high speed door.

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