Supply Chain Meeting 2016 – Portugal

22 April 2016
Supply Chain Meeting 2016 – Portugal

Seen the success of last year's edition, Entrematic Belgium’s Portuguese distributor Movimenta was again present at the Supply Chain Meeting 2016 in Portugal.

More than 1.500 directors and top executives of leading Portuguese companies visited the trade show to keep abreast of the latest developments in the domains of supply chain, logistics, distribution, transport, materials handling, etc.

In order to promote Dynaco high speed doors, visitors had to pass through a D-311 high speed door in order to enter one of the exhibition halls and exit the hall via a D-313 high speed door.  Amongst those visitors was also a member of the Portuguese government who officially opened the exhibition. Seeing the Dynaco high speed doors in operation is the best possible way to experience their fast door cycle, quality and reliability.

Many supply chain professionals visited the Movimenta booth. This resulted into an extensive list of valuable contacts to be followed up in the near future. Therefore, this year's edition of the trade show can again be called a major success.